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Philip Maughan is a writer and researcher working on commercial and creative projects based between London and Berlin. He started out on staff as an editor at the New Statesman and later worked at 032c before going freelance. He is currently an analyst with Antikythera, a technology think tank and design studio based in Los Angeles.


  1. Duplicate this template to your Notion workspace
  2. Create static Super site, using this new page URL as the Notion URL.
  3. Paste this code into your snippet injection box in your new site settings: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://sites.super.so/context/style.css">

Notes & details
  • We're using the quote block to create the fixed navbar instead of an ID, so it should work out of the box, but that means you can't really use the Notion quote block anywhere else throughout this template. Thinking of better ways to go about this!
  • The navbar & footer are global Notion blocks, meaning if you edit the ones on the template home page, it'll carry the changes over to the Blog + Contact + post pages.
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