Work Projects


“The Lost Lionesses” Narrative and script for Nike x Martine Rose England in collaboration with International Magic, London

11 July 2021

“Cooking with Information” Sandbox discussion on agro-ecological data with Andrea Provenzano and Joanna Pope, Trust, Berlin

25 May 2021

“Isabelle Boemeke” Profile of the world’s first nuclear influencer for Highsnobiety Magazine, Berlin

23 April 2021

“Collective Reading” Seminar on knowledge tooling with Joanna Pope, Trust, Berlin

23 Feb 2021

“Black Almanac: Notes Towards a Planetary Cuisine” Essay on agro-ecological futures for Kaleidoscope Magazine, Milan

27 January 2021

“What We Do All Day” Narrative for Martine Rose SS21 special presentation in collaboration with International Magic, London

11 January 2021

// Press: “Martine Rose’s digital show highlights what makes everyday life so special” in i-D


“Dialogues” for Prada SS21 Campaign with creative direction by Ferdinando Verderi, NYC

06 January 2021

// Press: “Prada’s SS21 campaign is our new favourite fashion meme” in Dazed

“Club Future” Speculative megacomplex with Lil Internet, Carly Busta, Igor Lorok and friends for Highsnobiety Magazine, Berlin

09 December 2020

“Juliana Huxtable F*cks With Her Demons” Interview with artist and musician Juliana Huxtable for Highsnobiety Magazine, Berlin

11 November 2020

“Incel Protocols” Essay historicising the emergence of inceldom for Mal’s fifth issue “Sex Negative”, London

01 August 2020

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“The Heron” Eco-fiction in the debut issue of Heavy Traffic Magazine, NYC

27 July 2020

“The New Periphery” Lecture on geotechnologies, emergent food cultures and post-pandemic cities with Pierce Myers and Bryan Wolff for New Models SIMCITY, Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin

16-17 July 2021

“Quarantinology: Hyperfunctional Logics for the Locked-Down City” Essay on quarantine urbanism for Strelka Mag as part of The Terraforming’s Revenge of the Real project, Moscow

29 April 2020

“NM TopSoil Ep. 33: Escape from Moscow” Podcast appearance with Chiara Di Leone, Pierce Myers, Bryan Wolff for New Models, Berlin

08 April 2020